Robert tells kristen to be quiet

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Robert tells kristen to be quiet

Post by Missy on Sat Aug 01, 2009 2:34 pm

Kristen Stewart loves picking on Robert Pattinson! In a recent interview with “Entertainment Weekly,” The “New Moon” crew and Director, Chris Weitz, sat down to dissect the movie. While Edward discussed the relationship between Bella and Edward, Kristen jabbed Ashley and pointed across the room. Of course, Robert stopped mid-sentence to get clued in on the secrets. After they had a good laugh, Kristen insisted, “Come on, you’re on a roll, I think you should keep going.” When Robert later continued discussing “finding yourself in love with someone,” Kristen furrowed her brow while looking at him and immediately turned to Ashley to engage in another conversation. She nervously tapped her fingers and started talking about Ashley’s ring. At this point in the interview, Robert had enough and yelled, “Shut Up!” After they had another laugh Robert continued to explain the relationship between Bella and Edward, but failed for the third time when Kristen started whispering to Ashley. Robert never regained his concentration but joked, “…Whenever anyone asks about if we have chemistry on the cast…you know what it is? It’s like complete animosity.”


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